Enhancing your web site could be challenging as you need to alter your program code very much so as to make your sites operate a lot faster. However, it is possible to boost your site’s performance, with no need to modify anything at all in the background. With the aid of the Web Accelerator Applications, included in the Online Control Panel, you can make your web–sites come up and function better than ever before. This is not going to only reward your visitors (everyone loves the web site they’re checking out to open rapidly), but also will help your web site rank higher in search engine listings.

Dealing with the Web Accelerator Applications is actually painless. Just sign into your Online Control Panel and check out how each of them performs.


RAM–storing instead of data base calls

If you have a busy database–driven site or web application, it could have problems running fast for the website visitors because of the different requests delivered to the database. To aid you solve the web page loading challenge, we’ve included the Memcached system inside the Online Control Panel.

Memcached is a strong distributed memory caching platform, which saves data and also objects in the server’s memory in order to avoid the database from getting asked whenever a customer loads a particular web page. In this way, your web site pages are going to start faster for visitors and will boost the chance for them to return.

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RAM–memorizing rather than HTTP queries

You will find multiple ways to quicken up a site, however, most of these need a coder to reword the backend code. Fortunately, there are more easy–to–use tools for increasing the rate of a website, like the Varnish web accelerator tool built into the Online Control Panel.

Varnish is web application accelerator, which saves HTTP queries within the RAM and returns them to the viewer as a substitute for expecting the web server to send them. Tests demonstrate that using Varnish on a website or an app generally increases delivery times with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish may well also be set up how to deal with newly arriving queries – if they ought to be delivered by Varnish, by the web server, and so on.

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An excellent way to make flexible web applications

If you desire to build an application, you need to have the instruments you’ll need available to you at once, without needing to browse, compile and install them. Our Online Control Panel could save you both the time and expenses, by giving you the instruments you will need right close to hand.

The Node.js platform permits designers, no matter if they are specialists or not, to produce adaptable network programs and sites. It is using the Google V8 JavaScript engine as well as the libUV. Node.js uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it light and productive, perfect for data–intensive real–time apps operating across distributed devices.

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