The Website Installer inside our Online Control Panel provides you with a really easy method to start a completely new site using a custom design in just 5 minutes. It just takes just 4 basic steps for your brand new web site to be on the web. You’re able to make a choice from more than two hundred readily available web templates and when everything is all set, you can maintain your brand–new web site very easily. We will provide you with sign–in data for the administrator’s area and you will be able to begin introducing completely new web pages straight away. If perhaps, at any time, you need further instructions – the computer team members will be readily available 24x7x365, all set to help you along.

The Website Installer is offered each cloud web hosting plans, VPS web hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans bundle coming when using the Online Control Panel.

A Website Installation Tool For You

Create a brand new site without having tech knowledge

The website installation tool connects the space among technologically unskilled users and complex website creation and style and design. Employing the tool, you do not have to have any knowledge in HTML or CSS. You’ll just need to choose how your website is going to appear like and click on the Install button of the tool. That’s everything. From then on, you’ll be able to add completely new pages and include your own personal photographs with just a click. No code to write, no layout to concentrate on. It’s all is managed by the intuitive application in the background and is also achieved within seconds.

In case, for reasons unknown, you’re not very pleased with what you have created, you can easily undo the changes and try again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Web Templates At Hand

Launch your site with just a click of the mouse

To enable you to get a new web site on the web at the earliest opportunity, we have designed a set of web themes from which to choose. Based on the topic of your web site, you will find a very good design template for use on your blog or image gallery or perhaps the most appropriate pattern for your portfolio. All web templates are available for cost–free use within your Online Control Panel. We have been working to construct brand–new web templates in accordance with the most recent design tendencies as a way to offer you a better option for your websites.

200+ Free Templates

Round–the–clock Help and Support Service

Let us know if you need support at any time

Our technical support team boasts a considerable experience with website hosting and is ready to aid you with any type of difficulties you could have handling your webpages. Moreover, you will find there’s a complete Regularly Asked Questions library in addition to an assortment of step–by–step video lessons that cover the most widespread queries and problems. We provide you with a one–hour reaction time guarantee, however, in most instances the tech associates can reply back in less than thirty min’s.

24/7 Support